1961/1962 Fender Telecaster Tele Guitar

Description: 1961, 1962 Fender Telecaster (Tele) guitar
Collectibility Rating: B
Production: no official (or unofficial) production numbers available.
General Comments:
The Fender Telecaster guitar is one of the most popular solidbody electric guitar ever made, and is the solidbody guitar that started it all. Early models (pre-1965, known as "pre-CBS" models, since CBS bought Fender in January 1965) are the most collectible. Originality and condition are the two most important features of a vintage Fender guitar, and Fender Telecaster, Nocaster, Broadcaster, and Esquires (Teles) do seem to have been easily modified (due to their "bolt together" nature).

Serial number range for the 1961 Fender Telecaster are generally 55000 to 72000 and is stamped into the rear metal neck plate. The serial number range for the 1962 Fender Telecaster are generally 72000 to 93000 and again is on the rear metal neck plate. If you need to figure out the exact year of your pre-CBS Fender Telecaster, use the serial number and the general features of the guitar. See the Fender Serial Number Info web page for help determining the year.

If you have a vintage pre-CBS Fender Telecaster (Tele) guitar for sale, please let me know. I am a private vintage guitar collector (not a store), and you can contact me at cfh@provide.net

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1961 Telecaster specs:

  • By 1961, neck backshape is a fatter "D" shape, but still not quite as fat as 1958 and prior Telecaster necks.
  • White "chicklet" paper tone capacitor and tube paper tone cap change to red round disc capacitors.
  • By late 1961, patent numbers 2,573,254 and 2,784,631 added to peghead decal, and DES number 164,227.

Mid 1962 Telecaster specs:

  • About 8/62, veneer Rosewood fingerboard instead of the previous "slab" style.
  • Neck screws change from being partially threaded, to being fully threaded their whole length.

A 1962 Fender Telecaster with a "slab" rosewood fingerboard and an original tolex case.

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