Gibson Advanced Jumbo Flattop Guitar

Description: Gibson Advanced Jumbo (AJ) flat top guitar
Available: 1935 to 1940.
Collectibility Rating: A+.
Production: About 300 total made in the 1930s.
General Comments: Considered by many to be Gibson's best 16" flattop model because of its tone, clarity, power and balance in sound. A model I really love. An upgraded version of the Gibson Jumbo model. Please email me if you have a Gibson Advance Jumbo guitar for sale.

The Gibson Advance Jumbo, because it was the top of the line Gibson flat top during the 1930s, had some subtle but interesting features. Like the neck width at the nut is 1 11/16", and not 1 3/4" like the lesser model Gibson Jumbo. Also the neck on the Gibson Advanced Jumbo is not as large in backshape as the Gibson Jumbo. This was by design, as the larger neck was considered to be more or a "working class" design, and hence the Gibson Advanced Jumbo has the slimmer and faster neck shape. This is kind of interesting as today the larger neck size of the Gibson Jumbo is considered "better" but most players and collectors. Has two highly scalloped tone bars.

Note that since the Gibson Advance Jumbo came out in 1935, all models should be made from East Indian Rosewood for the back and sides. Remember 1935 was a transition year for Gibson, when they switched from Brazilian Rosewood to Indian Rosewood for guitar back/sides utilizing rosewood. (Fingerboards and bridges stayed Brazilian until the mid 1960s.) There is a chance a few Brazilian side (and Indian back) rosewood Advance Jumbos were made in 1935 only (since this was a transition year.)

Another related model is the Gibson Jumbo. A similar guitar but with less fancy trim and mahogany back and sides.

If you need to figure out the exact year of your Gibson Advance Jumbo guitar, use the FON Factory Order Number. This is located inside the body's sound hole on the neck block. See the Gibson Serial Number Info web page for help determining the exact year.

Using Joe Spann's book on Gibson FON numbers, here's a list of known Gibson Advance Jumbo factory order numbers:

    • 107b = advance jumbo
    • 911b = advance jumbo
    • 1018b = advance jumbo
    • 1070b = advance jumbo
    • 1107b = advance jumbo
    • 31c = advance jumbo
    • 178c = advance jumbo
    • 362c = advance jumbo
    • 378c = advance jumbo
    • 573c = advance jumbo
    • 770c = advance jumbo
    • 936c = advance jumbo
    • 978c = advance jumbo
    • 1224c = advance jumbo
    • 59d = advance jumbo
    • 90d = advance jumbo
    • 93d = advance jumbo
    • 98d = advance jumbo
    • 187d = advance jumbo
    • 439d = advance jumbo
    • 663d = advance jumbo
    • 804d = advance jumbo
    • 887d = advance jumbo
    • 904d = advance jumbo
    • 218e = advance jumbo
    • 269e = advance jumbo
    • 1218e = advance jumbo

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Late 1935 Gibson Advanced Jumbo guitar introduction specs:
$80 retail list price, 16" wide, round shoulder dreadnought shape, rosewood back and sides, single bound top, back and fingerboard, diamond and arrowhead fingerboard inlays, 25.5" scale length, larger 4" soundhole and slightly narrow waist than the Jumbo model, 1" below the soundhole "X" bracing at 105 degrees with two tone bars, 1 1/8" wide maple bridge plate, 6.1" long x .910" wide rectangle bridge with two tiny bolts covered by two pearl dots. In the example below body depth is 3 7/8" at the neck and 4 7/8" at the end pin (for 1" of body taper.) Mahogany "V" neck finished in brown, neck heel is rounded and has a slight sunburst finish on it, vertical diamond and arrowhead peghead inlay, flamed celluloid pickguard, sunburst finish on top.

1938 Gibson Advance Jumbo guitar specs:
the size of the sunburst top pattern is larger, with more yellow area.

Gibson Advanced Jumbo guitar discontinued early 1940, after about 300 were made. Re-introduced in 1990.

circa 1938 Gibson Advance Jumbo guitar. A bit beatup, but sounds great!
Has two highly scalloped tone bars. Non-original case.

This Gibson Advanced Jumbo guitar has had several different tuners on it at one time,
but these are the original style tuners that came with the guitar when new.

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